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Taxation is robbery

Taxation was and has always been a source of revenue that the government needs to function. It was how during the American revolution money was raised after defeating Britain, otherwise making ends meet with the debts we were in would have been nigh impossible.

Irrelevant Conclusion

Whether or not government could function as we're used, if it didn't tax, is irrelevant to the question of whether taxation is robbery.

PC gaming is better than console gaming

It is.

Appeal To Belief

This premise is under the thought of belief and offers no other critical evidence.

Emotions are made up, and don't at all separate humans from other animals.

emotions are made up by biochemical reactions

Irrelevant Conclusion

This premise doesn't contribute to the argument.

The death penalty should be abolished

100 serial killers escape each kills one innocent person => 100 innocent persons suffer

Fallacy Of Red Herring

My argument was that the possibility of wrongful convictions were an expressed concern during the formation of our judicial system making your argument against BF's general concerns non sequitor. The term "guilty" does not automatically mean serial killer, nor does a free serial killer necessarily kill again. But, the question is not about whether or not we should incarcerate, it is about whether or not we should kill after incarceration, given that a properly administered system may be impossible to guarantee.

The death penalty should be abolished

If 100 suspected serial killers are executed => 100 persons still suffer, only now the executed become the victims and we the people become the serial killers. If 100 suspected serial killers are imprisoned for life => 0 persons suffer death, be they guilty or innocent

Wrong Direction

you implied with the BF quote that the prisoners escape but it would be not that bad. I said taht it in fact could be even worse. and you said "yea but if they dont escape it is all good"

9/11 was an inside job.

Bush did 9/11

Begging The Question

This is just an assertion. Needs at least two premises (which combine so as to relate to the conclusion) to be an argument.

There must be life other than our own in the universe.

no primate on this space rock/et-ship can quite comprehend infinite space. Everything you can imagine is out there, just not likely to cross paths. It wasn't that long ago the churches were burning people for saying earth does not revolve around the sun. Infinite!

Appeal To Belief


We should stop to eat meat

I'm hungry.

Irrelevant Conclusion

The question is about whether meat-eating is a good policy; not whether you "are hungry", ie. have the desire to eat at this moment.

We should move coala repositories to GitLab

I don't see anyone putting in effort anytime soon

Appeal To Belief

dependency management 0.4 was that 'effort'. You didnt see it?

We should move coala repositories to GitLab runs proprietary software, the enterprise edition. GitLab is not open source.

Fallacy Of The Beard

GitLab is infinitely more open source than GitHub. That they have two editions and slightly more features for the Enterprise edition, doesnt discount the fact that using GitLab is supporting an open source tool.