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Democracy is flawed.

Yet countries under democratic systems have achieved levels of prosperity unseen in human history or under any other political system.

Irrelevant Conclusion

Being the best historically is not the same as being flawless.

Making public colleges free in the USA is beneficial and will promote economic growth.

It's not fair for people who paid

Irrelevant Conclusion

Fairness isn't relevant to economic growth.

The death penalty should be abolished

Poorer defendants can't afford good lawyers

Fallacy Of Red Herring

This is an attack on the fairness of the legal system, not whether the death penalty is just or not

The death penalty should be abolished

The death penalty does not (statistically) appear to prevent further violent crime. In fact, states in the U.S. without the death penalty have, on average, a 25% fewer murders per capita

Fallacy Of False Cause

Correlation does not imply causation

Balloons serve no functional purpose and should be banned.

I hate balloons.

Irrelevant Conclusion

Even if you hate balloons, that doesn't show banning balloons to be a good idea. (you're just one person out of millions)

Free will (the existence of autonomous human decisions made neither predictably nor randomly) is not real.

Begging The Question

While there may be an argument on this line, it's not provided -- as it stands, it's merely asserting the conclusion.

Free will (the existence of autonomous human decisions made neither predictably nor randomly) is not real.

Decisions are made either predictably or randomly.

Begging The Question

This is simply asserting the conclusion.

Arguman should be used in our SW company to reason about complex topics

I don't believe this would be a good idea

Appeal To Belief

No reasoning/evidence is provided to support this claim

Forcing the US incarcerated population into high-labor jobs would lower US gov't expenditure on prisons and incentivize companies from outsourcing labor jobs overseas.

Although this may be true for some, it does not take into account the fact that some individuals cannot or will not be rehabilitated by hard labor.

Irrelevant Conclusion

Actually, the claim is that the recidivism rate will be lowered, not eliminated completely. By default, this means that there will be some recidivism despite the attempts to curb it.

Is it justifiable for the U.S. to torture in a "ticking time-bomb" scenario?

It is perfectly justifiable to torture terrorists

Irrelevant Conclusion

this isn't a ticking time bomb scenario