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Life in America has nothing to do with race, but everything to do with culture.

Culture affects the way different races act and live their lives.

Begging The Question

This is implicit in the original claim.

Proponents of Socialism or Communism will predominantly argue under bad faith - because there are no compelling arguments but the end goal of access to free money/value subsidizes them in trying to demonize Capitalism relative to Socialism.

The solution to bad capitalism is good capitalism. All the "1%" people have to do is spend more money in better place's. The solution to bad socialism is capitalism. People need to stop acting like they know what's best for others. You get what you work for, and you can't help someone you dont know

Fallacy Of Special Pleading

This claims that the top 1% need to act like they know what is best for others by spending money in better places, but people should not act like they know what is best for others.

Voter ID Laws should be enacted as a preventive measure to prevent voting fraud

You have not provided evidence of this lack of evidence...

Begging The Question

Technically 'onus probandi': The burden of proof is on the original claim.

Voter ID Laws should be enacted as a preventive measure to prevent voting fraud

I've never understood why voter id laws must necessarily discriminate against minorities. Even a minority has an identity. If he or she can demonstrate that identity, and that identify is a qualified voter (qualified by age, etc), then he/she can vote.

Irrelevant Conclusion

The point was about obtaining official identification forms not "having an identity".

Euthanasia should not be banned

Most family members don't want to give up their families

Argument To Pity

Excessive financial spending will only lead to empty pockets in treating people with incurable diseases

We should not care about life after death

There is no scientific knowledge as to what happens after death.

Irrelevant Conclusion

Whether we can know or not does not determine whether we should care or not. For millennia, people could not know the truth of molecules & atoms. Should they have not cared?

Blue is better than Red

Blue is the the majority of peoples favorite color.

Appeal To Authority

ad populum

Gas fracking should be banned in Australia.

CSIRO: “By 2030 the LCOE ranges of both conventional coal and gas technologies as well as wind and large-scale solar converge to a common range of A$50 to A$100 per megawatt hour.” (LCOE is levelized cost of electricity)

Fallacy Of Slippery Slope

Common range implies similarity however does not confirm such as it is ‘levelised’. Model is based on learning rates, which is based on installed capacity, which is based on subsidies. Too many assumptions have been made.

Gas fracking should be banned in Australia.

"Given the nature and dilution of chemicals used in Australian operations, fracking does not impair water quality." (APPEA) “Academic and government studies in US, UK and New Zealand have shown fracking is safe.”

Appeal To Authority

NY Times found never-reported EPA studies that concluded some drilling sites were incapable of removing certain water contaminants and were probably violating the law.

Gas fracking should be banned in Australia.

Santos claims 'natural gas plays an essential role in reducing carbon emissions.' Gas burns cleaner than coal and reduces far less fugitive methane and carbon dioxide.

Begging The Question

Whilst LNG burns cleaner than coal, the net impact of shale gas availability on carbon emissions in the long-term could prove to increase GHG emissions. French-German study in Climate Policy took into account the fossil-fuel substitution effect, low-carbon substitution effect which included the domination of gas in preference to renewables, as well as the increase in energy consumption as natural gas prices decrease to conclude that by 2050, GHG emissions would increase by 0.8% if shale gas was widely available.