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In a democracy, voting should be limited to the intelligent, as assessed by a standardized intelligence test.

Past examples of such tests have been struck down, at least in the U.S., for racial discrimination.

Irrelevant Conclusion

Individual, isolated incidents in which tests were used for racial discrimination purposes bare no relevance to the original premise.

Balloons serve no functional purpose and should be banned.

In response to the fallacy report: 1) I hate balloons. 2) I am one person out of billions, not millions. 3) You should have realized by now that the two premises I have posted in this thread are joking in nature, and not legitimate arguments.

Irrelevant Conclusion

1) Still irrelevant to the contention. 2) Billions consist of at least thousand of millions. 3) Arguman is not the place to post "jokes."

Creationism is not compatible with current scientific theories and discoveries.

There is lots of evidence supporting creationism. The fact that it does not line up with macroevolution- an unproved theory does not define it as false, it lines up with geology, the fossil record, DNA research and many other things. You can't base its truth off of evolution, prove evolution first

False Analogy

A theory in the scientific sense is different from one in that of everyday conversation. Also, you are shifting the burden.

Governments are criminal organizations

How did society create it? Did all people create it? Obviously not. Did some people create it? The same is true for all criminal organizations.

False Analogy

Just because something was created by a specific group of people does not mean it is a criminal organization. For example, the W.H.O. was not created by all people.

Governments are criminal organizations

Governments finance themselves through extortion (taxation) and counterfeiting (quantitative easing).

False Analogy

Taxation cannot be compared to extortion. See the thread on whether or not taxation is theft.

There must be life other than our own in the universe.

There is no scientific evidence to suggest that there is intelligent extraterrestrial life currently existing in the universe.

Appeal To Authority

appeal to ignorance-a claim is false because it has not been proven true. we may never be able to prove the existence of aliens,yet they might exist nonetheless.

There must be life other than our own in the universe.

if what you're saying is true and there has to be life is it better to not look for it. Because if they are smart enough to communicate with us planet,they also most likely have the power to destroy us. So it's not a question of if they exist It is a question of are we willing to find out.

Irrelevant Conclusion

whether aliens are dangerous/hostile and whether we are willing to find that out has no bearing on the question of their existence

PC gaming is better than console gaming

This has been discussed in much more depth on this website already.

Fallacy Of Red Herring

The poster of this premise has gone off-topic and the other users involved with the argument have replied.

Democracy is flawed.

Yet countries under democratic systems have achieved levels of prosperity unseen in human history or under any other political system.

Irrelevant Conclusion

Being the best historically is not the same as being flawless.

Making public colleges free in the USA is beneficial and will promote economic growth.

It's not fair for people who paid

Irrelevant Conclusion

Fairness isn't relevant to economic growth.