Men have life somewhat better than women

That's only because men, in general, aren't droning on about our problems. We fix them. It is mainly due to our ability to not care about a lot of things. Not because we have it "easier," but because we understand that things happen, and sometimes they suck.

Argument Against TheMan

I believe this person's argument could fit multiple fallacies. However, due to the lack of support from a (meaningful) source combined with the inflammatory and insulting language used, I decided to list it as an argument against the man.

Men have life somewhat better than women

Compared to what? An actual scholarly article? The direct source of facts? I strongly disagree.

Appeal To Authority

The fact that this person's source was a 'scholarly article' does not inherently support their point; especially when said article merely asserts without supporting.

Men have life somewhat better than women

That misogyny is a big problem, doesn’t mean it compose the vast majority of sexism, and that misandry isn’t equally big.

Begging The Question

You have not provided any evidence to support the idea that misandry is as big of an issue; you simply state that it could be as big of an issue

Men have life somewhat better than women

Your source is wikipedia. That is all.

Poisoning The Well

Not sure if this is the right kind of fallacy, but basically, listing where information came from does not inherently invalidate that information