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African Americans should be able to vote-We shall overcome-LBJ

African Americans have been oppressed by the white community and it is very apperent that is no act is passed then there will be another civil war, or more violence arising in the country.

Begging The Question


African Americans should be able to vote-We shall overcome-LBJ

America is still living in a racist time against African Americans

Begging The Question


Introverts are Undervalued

Very prominant figures in our history, such as Eleanor Roosevelt, Gandhi, and Rosa Parks have been introverted

Fallacy Of False Cause

There is a correlation between their success and their introversion, but it is not the direct cause.

A creator must exist

The creator doesn't have to have been created, the creator can be eternal and outside of the cause-and-effect chain. We know that the universe isn't eternal in this way, because it would mean that everything has been around forever, and entropy means that cannot be true.

Fallacy Of Special Pleading

Why is the creator outside of this cause-and-effect chain? Entropy has nothing to do wth it.

The God of the bible loves people

Science has proved that God does not exist

Begging The Question

This argument assumes the premise "Science has proved that God does not exist" is true, yet the premise is not self-evident.

We should try out the Arguman platform

It's another THING we have to deal with!

Irrelevant Conclusion

This is irrelevant!

Tabs are better than spaces for indentation (programming)

But this matter when you send file to another person. If you use same tab-width it's still ok, but when you don't code looks terrible

Appeal To Belief

There is no reason why code should look terrible when the tab-width is changed. In fact, code can look terrible, irrespective of the indentation style used.

Teaching evolution in biology classes should be mandatory, with no chance to opt out

Is "force everyone to learn what I see as truth" a general principle you wish to endorse, or are you making an exception in this case?

Poisoning The Well

the premise seeks to counter the initial premise by discrediting the underlying values of the person, rather than their response to the question of teaching evolution in biology

Ctrl+Click is better than right click if you use mac

Magic mouse is a bad mouse in general

Appeal To Belief

This is an opinion.

Plants should have the right to vote.

the mutual intelligibility barrier between humans and plants makes it impossible to know whether the concept of democracy is supported by the plant kingdom or not

False Analogy

"Or 1" always return true.