Income should be equal

If everyone's income was zero (i.e. equal), would that eliminate abuse and anxiety? I suspect not.

Poisoning The Well

Attempt to discredit an argument by hyperbole. Just because people would suffer at zero income for obvious reasons does not discredit the argument at livable income(the likely original intention.)

Democracy is flawed.

These technological advances would not have been possible under other systems of government.

Fallacy Of False Cause

There is no evidence at all and no reason to believe Communism, Facism, Feudalism or any other forms of government would inherently prevent the development and exploitation of these technologies.

Capitalism is fundamentally flawed.

This applies exclusively to crony capitalism, that is, a competition where some participants are able to gain special protectionism from the government. Capitalism, being an open competition, is known to push the cost down, and as such democratize access to goods that were scarce when invented.

Begging The Question

Crony Capitalism is flawed Capitalism, you're premise is supported by restating the argument.

Taxation is not theft.

Most people who are taxed do not live in a totalitarian dictatorship where the monarch owns all property and currency.

Fallacy Of Red Herring

Crown ownership of the land does not imply totalitarian dictatorship. A prime example of this is Britain where the crown owns all of England and Wales(while Scotland and Ireland were only devolved to local governments for political reasons).

Democracy is flawed.

It is the best we have so far.

Begging The Question

There is no evidence that democracy is the best political system we have as other systems have not been tested under scientific conditions.

Mormonism is Correct

A Mormon just believes.

Appeal To Belief

By appealing to belief

Any society should reject political refugees.

The people who would abandon their home instead of fighting for freedom and justice have no value to the host society.

Irrelevant Conclusion

An individuals support of freedom and justice is not the only measure of value an individual can provide to a society. This conclusion is reached by purposefully ignoring any scientific or economic benefit a person could bring.

There must be life other than our own in the universe.

no primate on this space rock/et-ship can quite comprehend infinite space. Everything you can imagine is out there, just not likely to cross paths. It wasn't that long ago the churches were burning people for saying earth does not revolve around the sun. Infinite!

Appeal To Belief

There is no proof everything we can imagine is out there. Unless the universe is infinite(which we have no strong evidence for) just because I can imagine a planet of lusty catgirls does not imply the existence of a planet of lusty catgirls.

The Universe Was Created

Everything that begins to exist was caused. The universe began to exist. The universe was caused.

Irrelevant Conclusion

The definition of created implies an outside entity that influences a situation causing a change to that situation. The above premise fails to address this.