a) Jesus Christ was a real person; b) Jesus Christ rose from the dead.

Science can't prove historical facts, except to establish consistency between the alleged past and the observable present. "People (in general) can rise from the dead" is a scientific claim. "One specific person rose from the dead once" is a historical claim.

Fallacy Of Special Pleading

One person rising from the dead implies that it is in fact possible to do so. That is a scientific claim.

Creationism is not compatible with current scientific theories and discoveries.

Imagine. Science develops to the point where we can completely understand the universe. We create a program that accurately simulates a down-scaled version of the universe. In such a world, are we not the "creators" of a new universe that is fully compatible with all scientific theories?

Irrelevant Conclusion

The question is not the existence of a creator but whether creationism is compatible with our scientific knowledge