The death penalty should be abolished

If 100 suspected serial killers are executed => 100 persons still suffer, only now the executed become the victims and we the people become the serial killers. If 100 suspected serial killers are imprisoned for life => 0 persons suffer death, be they guilty or innocent

Wrong Direction

you implied with the BF quote that the prisoners escape but it would be not that bad. I said taht it in fact could be even worse. and you said "yea but if they dont escape it is all good"

Tabs are better than spaces for indentation (programming)

From resource point of view: It's 2016, no 1980.

Fallacy Of False Cause

it's 2017 now

You can prevent three people from dying if you kill one yourself. This would be the morally correct choice to make

You won't. Source: You can save probably more than 100 lives in Africa right now by selling all of your possessions and donating it all.

Argument Against TheMan

just because he does not do X he can find think X is moral

It is impossible to prove if God exists.

If you commit suicide just to see if you end up in Heaven, you can't come back to tell the tale.

Appeal To Belief

it is your belief that you can't come back from heaven

Censorship online is equivalent to censorship in real life, and is ethically wrong in any form

Computer viruses are a problem specifically because they can run in the background while bypassing user permissions. If it were that easy to stop viruses, they would not be an issue.

Irrelevant Conclusion

you did not attack my premise:" computer often refuse to run software and give a safety warning instead"

Penguins are the best kind of bird.

They can exist in both arctic and tropical environments.

Appeal To Belief

your statement is maybe true but it is a appeal to belief to say that this makes penguins 'good'

Penguins are the best kind of bird.

Most of them are fat and adorable, and my urge to cuddle one grows by the minute when I look at one.

Appeal To Belief

your statement is maybe true but it is a appeal to belief to say that this makes penguins 'good'

Abortion is a socially accepted kill

There is no change in the sensory capabilities of a baby on birth

Fallacy Of The Beard

you say "it does not change significant at day x => it does not siginficant change at all" = fallacy of the beard aka continuum fallacy

Censorship online is equivalent to censorship in real life, and is ethically wrong in any form

A computer has no ability to make independent choices and to assume that they have the same independence as a human is complete idiocy.

Prejudicial Language

"to assue XYZ is complete idiocy"

It is better to be happy than to know the truth

The truth isn't always a bad thing to know.

Irrelevant Conclusion

you are missing the point it is like the argument were "snow is always colder than rain" and you would say "rain isn't always above 15°C"

It is dangerous to be looking for aliens

If aliens want to kill us we don't have the technology to defend ourselves

Irrelevant Conclusion

*see my however premise

Racism is not only white degrading black

Only in a few narrow and rare cases, such as rap labels. When it comes to education, housing, wealth and most other major areas, the disparity in power is so great as to make those few rare cases practically irrelevant.

Irrelevant Conclusion

You are doing the true Scotsman fallacy. You say there are no industries that are run by black ppl then someone presented some that are run by black ppl and you say they don't count

A universal basic income is the best way to eradicate economic inequality.

Bullshit. If you have any proof, any citation, any scrap of evidence whatsoever that GDR party members were fabulously wealthy at the expense of ordinary citizens who lived in poverty, then post it now. In the meanwhile, read the article posted in the source.

Prejudicial Language


Believing in god causes logical contradictions

I have created this premise, but I am not this premise.

Irrelevant Conclusion

a universe is 'closed' (something that is in the universe can't go out of it) humans are not 'closed'

Nuclear power is the only green solution

[1] Nuclear medicine has saved more lives than any number of nuclear accidents and nuclear bombs have killed.

Irrelevant Conclusion

"X is dangerous but Y saved more lives than X took"

Hitler should be awarded a posthumous nobel peace prize.

1. Red Herring 2. Faulty logic- one does not lead to the other. 3. "Free?" that's your opinion. 4. You're gonna have to explain your opinion. 5. How in the heck are Obama and Hitler similar? Ideology? Genocide? Persecution of Jews? Nationalism? Legacy? Historical context? 6. It's "Nobel." Bye.

Argument Against TheMan

pointing out typos is not an attack against the argument but against the source

Censorship is immoral

But then we'd be living in a world without Jaws! There are very few movies, books, or shows that lack anything that could be deemed provocative. This is why when you censor one thing, you censor every thing. Would you really want to live in a world where nothing happens in fiction.

Fallacy Of Slippery Slope

"if you do it once you have to do it everytime!" (?)

Schools should be required to present creation as a theory alongside evolution, since neither can be proven superior over the other by science

The only way to extrapolate a belief from the Bible is through the interpretation of the text. If all you had to do to understand a religion was simply read the text, then what's the point of having theology? I'll tell you why, because interpretations of the text are valuable.

Irrelevant Conclusion

If the shape of your skull doesn't show your personality, then what's the point of having phrenology? I'll tell you why, because the shape of the skull really matters. (?)

If bad things happen, god is either not all powerful, doesn't love us, or doesn't exist

Either way, the most powerful being can't become more powerful if they are already the most powerful. The most powerful is the most powerful, their ability to change how powerful they are is irrelevant if they are always the most powerful.

Irrelevant Conclusion

change=/=become more powerful

Changing your gender/sex is unnatural

@fuzzydunlop Should I better put that text in a but or a because?

Irrelevant Conclusion

Or should I write it as a report reason?