A creator must exist

You're still implying the creator is governed by time by saying he must have a beginning. If he exists in a higher dimension then we couldn't possibly understand how time and space is not a factor just as an organism confined within 2D space could not comprehend a 3D object.

Fallacy Of Special Pleading

The extraordinary claims of such a being transcending everything would require extraordinary evidence to be considered true. There is no such evidence.

A creator must exist

God is perfect. There cannot be something that is perfect and does not exist, so God must exist.

Begging The Question

Saying God is perfect presumes his existence, and you are trying to prove his existence.

Everything in the universe is either a potato, or not a potato.

"A or not A" is true.

Fallacy Of The Beard

Continuum fallacy. Whether or not something is a potato is ambiguous. When does something stop being the root of the potato plant and become a potato? As others have mentioned, what about french fries or potato chips? They are both potato and not-potato. This is a problem with two-valued logic (instead of continuous-valued logics, such as fuzzy logic) in that it requires a precise predicate to render a valid conclusion. See 'Heap Paradox' on wikipedia.