The government should be required to use open source software (for civilian operations at least)

It would turn us all into communists

Appeal To Belief

Claims it would turn us into communists without explaining why. (it's a joke response, of course)

By law fulltime work should provide a living wage above the poverty line.

If you were being paid under minimum wage for full time work, it would be illegal.

Fallacy Of Previous This

This argument is already added to the map (ie. it's a duplicate), so downvoting.

9/11 was an inside job.

Bush did 9/11

Begging The Question

This is just an assertion. Needs at least two premises (which combine so as to relate to the conclusion) to be an argument.

There must be life other than our own in the universe.

no primate on this space rock/et-ship can quite comprehend infinite space. Everything you can imagine is out there, just not likely to cross paths. It wasn't that long ago the churches were burning people for saying earth does not revolve around the sun. Infinite!

Appeal To Belief


We should stop to eat meat

I'm hungry.

Irrelevant Conclusion

The question is about whether meat-eating is a good policy; not whether you "are hungry", ie. have the desire to eat at this moment.

In a democracy, voting should be limited to the intelligent, as assessed by a standardized intelligence test.

voting should be available to anyone, regardless of intelligence

Begging The Question

This is just asserting that the claim is false, not providing a reason/argument.

Balloons serve no functional purpose and should be banned.

I hate balloons.

Irrelevant Conclusion

Even if you hate balloons, that doesn't show banning balloons to be a good idea. (you're just one person out of millions)

Free will (the existence of autonomous human decisions made neither predictably nor randomly) is not real.

Begging The Question

While there may be an argument on this line, it's not provided -- as it stands, it's merely asserting the conclusion.

Free will (the existence of autonomous human decisions made neither predictably nor randomly) is not real.

Decisions are made either predictably or randomly.

Begging The Question

This is simply asserting the conclusion.