Everything in the universe is either a potato, or not a potato.

Potatoes are delicious.

Irrelevant Conclusion

This has nothing to do with the argument.

Proponents of Socialism or Communism will predominantly argue under bad faith - because there are no compelling arguments but the end goal of access to free money/value subsidizes them in trying to demonize Capitalism relative to Socialism.

The solution to bad capitalism is good capitalism. All the "1%" people have to do is spend more money in better place's. The solution to bad socialism is capitalism. People need to stop acting like they know what's best for others. You get what you work for, and you can't help someone you dont know

Fallacy Of Special Pleading

This claims that the top 1% need to act like they know what is best for others by spending money in better places, but people should not act like they know what is best for others.