Democracy is flawed.

In a monarchy or aristocracy, ordinary people knew that they would not really be able to use legislative power in their own favor. Thus, they kept a really watchful eye on whatever the monarch does. In a democracy, everybody can potentially profit from these things, so legislative abuse is rampant.

Fallacy Of Slippery Slope

Stating a fact and making far drawn conclusions (of what 'ordinary' people would do, that they could do it at all)

If the whole human population spoke one language there would be mutual understanding enlightenment, and peace.

In the long run, any animosity for the transition will disappear after a couple generations of new "common language speakers."

Appeal To Belief

This is a belief, also ignoring facts

Evolution is not observable.

Evolution takes more time to occur then humans have and human video recording technology has not been around long enough to record it.

Wrong Direction

Suggests that video recording is the only legitimate form of observation

The Holocaust didn't happen

Holocaust 'evidence' is littered with recanted stories - people who argued for many many years that they were subjugated in the Holocaust - but then shown to have lied. Of those that remain (Elie Wiesel) - a fellow camp friend of the real Elie Wiesel from Auschwicz says he lies and is not him.

Fallacy Of Slippery Slope

States one example, concludes this must be all examples

The Holocaust didn't happen

ever heard of the phrase "history is written by the victors"? it just to make the enemy seem like the bad guys. if the axis won the war then everyone would think that the allies did some sort of holocaust

Fallacy Of Slippery Slope

Reasoning based on hypothetical future while the contemporary proves otherwise (see unnecessary atomic bombs dropped by US and Soviets genocide)

The Holocaust didn't happen

The Holocaust was not known about nor was there any evidence for it right up until the final weeks of WWII even by supporter's views. On top of this even they admit knowledge of the Holocaust and filling in of blanks didn't happen until the 70's when the Eichmann trials and media blitz took place

Fallacy Of False Cause

This ignores the actuality of camps ongoing activity as well as the well documented ghettos for the duration of the war, including the disappearance of 6 million people. Straight down ignoring the facts.

The Holocaust didn't happen

Hollywood and organized Jewry sprung into action to fabricate slanderous calumnus claims against the German people in order to poison the well against white pride, convert white people into pliable guilt-servants and cement themselves as people above criticism or the normal rules of life.

Fallacy Of False Cause

This conclusion is oversimplifying and draws on an emotional made up agenda.

The United States should continue running on capitalism

There is no other system that provides as much individual freedom, and most people want individual freedom.

Fallacy Of Is To Ought

Individual freedom is subjective and in this case, only relevant to the few. Becomes a utilitarian issue

We can know nothing for certain

Some things can be proved and therefore known for certain; water is wet, the sky is blue, gravity is in effect, you cannot destroy or create energy, merely convert it. Etc.

Appeal To Belief

Wet and blue are man made categories to describe our perceptions. Wether they exist or not is purely a belief

Without a police force there is no government

Without taxation there is no police force, and it is the police that provide the death threat for stealing energy/money.

Fallacy Of False Cause

A police force can exist without taxation in the case of privatized police forces.