Taxation is not theft.

I do not have the choice not to pay tax because I am under the threat of force if I do not pay.

Fallacy Of Special Pleading

You are under threat of force if you don't pay any debt, not just a tax debt.

Taxation is not theft.

Source? If I stop paying taxes I am not free to leave, I am jailed. You lose a lot more than access to government services if you do not pay, which is why it is forceful and theft. I do not simply consent by being alive, since the government enforces a monopoly over these things I have no choice.

Fallacy Of False Cause

Jailing occurs when you deliberately obfuscate income or otherwise lie in an effort to evade accurate tax accounting. Failure to pay taxes results in accrued debt and penalties, not in jail. Jail sentences are not issued simply for failure to pay.