The government should be required to use open source software (for civilian operations at least)

It is simply not true that "no other rights are implied". Open Source has an official definition that implies many other rights.

Irrelevant Conclusion

This does not address the primary contention about cost.

Men have life somewhat better than women

Men aren't sexually abused at the same rate as women and the need for manliness is a product of the male culture.

Fallacy Of Red Herring

Whether the need to be "manly" comes from men, women, or extraterrestrial aliens has no bearing on whether it is a problem for men or not.

Men have life somewhat better than women

Although gender roles are an issue for both men and women, women almost always have to deal with the worse side of such things.

Begging The Question

This essentially the same as four levels up, and you have not answered the question of how to determine which gender has it worse.