"Collective action" through a "democratic process" often produces a result which excludes the needs of minorities.

Dictators even suppress the poeple in the way they should behave in social aspects.

Irrelevant Conclusion

completely untrue and irrelevant

Property is theft.

Comparing the ownership of private property to one's autonomy over one's body is extremely disingenuous. An argument made from a false analogy like this is not an argument worth addressing.

Poisoning The Well

This user confuses "fallacy" with otherwise valid arguments s/he either does not agree with or does not have the capacity to address.

A universal basic income is the best way to eradicate economic inequality.

Because inequality makes people's lives worse, makes them live in poverty, and forces them to spend their lives in conditions of oppression and hierarchy. This is a stupid question.

Poisoning The Well

It's not a stupid question where is your proof that inequality makes people's lives worse? A millionaire may be jealous of a billionaire but, even though they are not equal, the millionaire still probably has hir needs met most adequately.

People don't have free will

the brain decides how we respond. The brain is just a strange computer. => no choise how to respond

Begging The Question

Saying "the brain decides" is begging the question "people don't have free will" since the brain is part of a person

Abortion is murder.

Meaning and value is subjective, so we cannot justify the killings of people simply because the killer thought the victim's life had no meaning or value. Life and body must be inherent properties only the owner can make decisions about for society to exist.

Wrong Direction

meaning and value are subjective, belonging to the individual in question and those associated with them. In this case the organism does not have the capacity to assign meaning or value to its own life and it does not belong to the outside world so no value can be ascribed except by the parents

Abortion is murder.

Who is in the position to decide over this value? It is true that the parents are the owners of the child, but the child does possess his life, which only he can decide upon. And since a fetus cannot speak out its wishes yet, no action should be taken regarding damaging the child's life.

Fallacy Of Is To Ought

a fetus requires the care and significant resources of its mother. Just because a fetus is created does not mean that it ought to be supported.

a vegan diet is the most ethically viable

Even if they had feelings, a vegan lifestyle would be bettter for them because less would get killed. It takes more plants to make meat than if we just eat the plants.

Irrelevant Conclusion

animals will still eat plants even if we don't kill them