Donald Trump is a liar.

He is getting done, albeit slowly, precisely what he said he would.

Fallacy Of Irrelevant Purpose

He is still a liar. Examples include claiming to witness Muslims celebrating 9/11, claiming inauguration crowd size was 1.5 M, claiming it stopped raining at inauguration, claiming Hillary would let in 600M refugees, plus dozens more.

Forcing the US incarcerated population into high-labor jobs would lower US gov't expenditure on prisons and incentivize companies from outsourcing labor jobs overseas.

Studies have shown that filling an inmate's day with work keeps their mind occupied, lowering instances of adverse activity and violence. Teaching them skills they can apply after release also lowers the rate of recidivism, contributing to rehabilitation for society.

Irrelevant Conclusion

This does not address the premise.

The copyright length should be reduced from 70 years after the creators death to 20 years after the creation is publicly available

If that's true, which I agree that it is, then copyright should actually be reduced to zero years.

Fallacy Of The Beard

Just because the creator's work doesn't call for 70 years' benefit, doesn't mean it doesn't call for any.