Forcing the US incarcerated population into high-labor jobs would lower US gov't expenditure on prisons and incentivize companies from outsourcing labor jobs overseas.

Although this may be true for some, it does not take into account the fact that some individuals cannot or will not be rehabilitated by hard labor.

Irrelevant Conclusion

Actually, the claim is that the recidivism rate will be lowered, not eliminated completely. By default, this means that there will be some recidivism despite the attempts to curb it.

If we were to abolish all ethics, humanity will be able to answer many scientific things about the human body (And possibly augment it) that would have taken decades and possibly centuries to answer.

If all ethics were forgotten, we would all be dead- we already invented nuclear weapons...

Fallacy Of Slippery Slope

The presence of both motive and opportunity are not sufficient to prove guilt. In the same way, the ability to wipe out humanity and the removal of difficulty in doing so would not guarantee the eradication of humanity.

Creationism is not compatible with current scientific theories and discoveries.

Then all you know about god is from what 12 people claimed, two thousand years ago. A time where the average person worshiped gods of thunder and stones and believed in witchcraft and magic. I cannot tell you whether you should believe or not, but make sure you know who you're listening to.

Argument Against TheMan

This is a person-centered argument that raises nothing to consider about the point of view.

Science would be less advanced today if Christianity never existed.

The works of monks in monasteries in the middle ages, specifically the copying by hand the works of ancient scientists and philosophers, enabled the Scientific Revolution.

Joint Effect

Although many discoveries were made by Christians or as the result of Christian investment, both the scientific method and Christianity stem from humanity's desire to understand a universe that does not contain inherent meaning or purpose. Neither one caused the other. The scientific revolution would also be impossible without the previous works of non-christian philosophers and mathematicians such as Aristotle and Ptolemy. Christian monks simply played the role of making those works more accessible to more scientists, and are therefore no more important than those "ancient scientists and philosophers."

Science would be less advanced today if Christianity never existed.

Although Christianity (i.e. Catholic Church) opposes scientific doctrines such as the Big Bang Theory and organic evolution, it hasn't significantly impeded the development of science on a large scale.

Appeal To Belief

Many Christians may think that scientific theory opposes Christian doctrine, but that doesn't mean science and doctrine actually collide. In fact, Pope Francis has recently (2014) spoken out against this fallacy, stating that "When we read about Creation in Genesis, we run the risk of imagining God was a magician, with a magic wand able to do everything. But that is not so."

Plants should have the right to vote.

Humans are organisms

Irrelevant Conclusion

Mosquitoes are also organisms, yet killing them is not considered punishable. The point that humans are also organisms is irrelevant to the overall argument that plants should be able to vote.

The death penalty is wrong.

There are felons that cannot be rehabilitated (serial killers, people with mental disorders that have committed murder) and the death penalty should be considered for these groups as they suck up resources that would be better allocated elsewhere.

Fallacy Of Slippery Slope

You're making the assumptions both that crime is an illness and that the illness is untreatable. You have provided no evidence that either of these are true.

The United States should implement a social welfare program both dedicated to repairing historic racial injustice, but open to all needy citizens

Slavery and Jim Crow destroyed the lives of people whose descendants now appear to be less well off because of their skin color instead of due to historic prejudice and terrorism and exclusion from power networks

Appeal To Belief

This argument caters to the assumption that all Americans with non-white skin tone are descendants of slaves. Historical prejudice is not a slavery-only-related issue. It applies to all minorities, regardless of nation of ancestry.