It is okay to lie to support your argument

Yes it did. Honest.

Poisoning The Well

Lying to support an argument

Market Capitalism is not the best system for economic organisation

Gus disagrees

Appeal To Authority

Not even sure who Gus is to be honest

The chicken came before the egg

Only God knows, because he created everything living.

Appeal To Belief

This assumes that God created anything

The death penalty is acceptable in some cases

The death penalty is a barbaric waste of time and money, and court systems are not perfect.

Argument To Pity

This doesn't have any real substance to it at all. Nobody is saying that it's good in *all* cases, the point of the argument is that it's good in *some* cases. By bringing up these other cases, you're implying that they're *all* that way, without giving any real evidence except your emotions.

Semi-colons are pointless in Javascript

Semicolons do serve a purpose, they let Javascript know where the line ends; Javascript will behave as if the semicolon is there whether you write it or not in the event of a mistake. This is not an excuse to abstain from proper web practices.

Argument Against TheMan

While I agree with you, referring to nebulous standards isn't an argument.

Semi-colons are pointless in Javascript

javascript is pointless

Irrelevant Conclusion

That's not what this debate is about

Carbon emissions should be taxed

Then what about China then. China can pollute this world more than anybody. Why would you breakdown your own people to not pollute, if China is going to continue doing what the are doing. Pollution is an earth and humanity issue, not just a country issue.

Fallacy Of Red Herring

You say your argument is about individual choice being the answer, then point out how individual choice leads to the wrong answer

Earth-Luna is a binary planet

The ESA says so

Appeal To Authority

The ESA isn't a deciding entity on what is or is not a planet

We can know nothing for certain


Irrelevant Conclusion

Human fallacy does not prove you cannot know anything for certain. For instance, humans could create an artificial intelligence without these imperfections. If they did so, this conjecture still applies to them with equal validity.

Bush did 9/11

Bush is the grand-son of Aleister Crowley

Fallacy Of Red Herring

The bad actions of one's ancestors do not incriminate the person at hand.

Fascist thought should be banned, and prominent proponents of fascism imprisoned as a deterrent

It is a step towards preventing the re-emergence of fascism.

Fallacy Of Irrelevant Purpose

This is essentially circular reasoning. "We should ban a thing" needs to be explained by why it should be banned, not the idea that it would reduce it (which is the obvious goal).

People don't have free will

no you don't

Slothful Induction

One assertion. No evidence or argument.

People don't have free will

I do.

Slothful Induction

One assertion. No evidence or argument.

The rise of conservatism and reactionarism is caused by political ignorance.

Who gives a shit to today's economists. They know shit about economy. It abhors me to read Piketty's "solutions" to 2008/9 crisis, it is really a hopeless field of study. It's like 1900 all over again.

Argument Against TheMan

Just because you disagree with the conclusion of a someone in a field does not make them any less correct

Having a one world order would actually be beneficial.

Jeremiah 10:23 says human governments cannot rule the world. Daniel 2:44 says God will bring out just one government that will be successful indefinitely.

Appeal To Belief

The Bible is almost never an authority in a real argument.

The most pressing and harmful issues facing Western nations now could have been avoided entirely if women were never given the vote.

Giving women the right to vote makes a country more democratic

Irrelevant Conclusion

As much as I like democracies, and as much as I disagree with the argument, this still isn't relevant to the argument.

Panentheism is the only logical theology

If a supreme being exists, it must contain everything that exists, or else it is not the greatest being.

Irrelevant Conclusion

This does not relate to the premise at hand

Creationism is a scientific doctrine

You can believe in a God without believing in the notion that evolution did not occur and that the world is not 6000 years old.

Irrelevant Conclusion

This is unrelated to the argument

The government should be required to use open source software (for civilian operations at least)

It would turn us all into communists

Poisoning The Well

Using condemning language with no explanation

Computer Science is not actually a science

Computer science... differs from physics in that it is not actually a science. It does not study natural objects. Rather, computer science is like engineering; it is all about getting something to do something.

Irrelevant Conclusion

It does not matter that it is not the study of natural objects, because it is the study of their behavior in the natural world

The world view that makes the fewest assumptions is the most reasonable and believable

uncertainy can be nice. you know,... the facination of the mystery

Irrelevant Conclusion

The conclusion reached is not related to the original premise