Tabs are better than spaces for indentation (programming)

Modern tools like .editorconfig files allow to have different preferences for different types of files.

Fallacy Of Red Herring

The parent talks about different indention style inside a single file, not over multiple

Bush did 9/11

There is evidence of his negligence worsening the event.

Irrelevant Conclusion

The discussion is whether he did it or not, not if he made it worse. Also, link evidence when claiming there is such thing.

The Holocaust didn't happen

Argument Against TheMan

Attacking a person and not coming with any proof or new viewpoint.

Vim is better than emacs

Nano is a good default, as it maintains simplicity

Fallacy Of Red Herring

This is about vim vs emacs

Vim is better than emacs

Vi is coming as builtin in linux systems

Irrelevant Conclusion

This makes vi more common and knowledge about it more useful, it does not make the editor better though

Vim is better than emacs

vim or vi are more likely to be present on any given Unix system. If you interact with a lot of Unix systems if makes more sense to use the common editor.

Irrelevant Conclusion

This makes vi(m) more common, not better

Privacy cannot exist when there is no transparency

Without proper transparency individuals in organizations begin to "cover their own ass" and worry about their position in the long term, causing them to cut deals with those favorable to their own situation rather than favoring the organization or its constituents.

Fallacy Of Slippery Slope

That it can happen doesn't mean it has to happen.