The Holocaust is a religion all people are inducted into without their knowledge, it has it's priests and tithes and Original Sin- Importantly there is no evidence Adolf Hitler sponsored or embarked upon a genocidal mass murder project along racial lines.

Is any of this evidence different from evidence provided by Herman Rosenblat? A man who has admitted it was merely 'real in his head'? How precisely is the evidence different from that provided by Ellie Wiesel, who wrote a book Night - A former friend from the camp does not recognize Elie Wiesel.

Appeal To Authority

I notice on each of the "The Holocaust is fake" debates you try and start you quote two, maybe three people, as evidence but deny all of the others that are posted to refute you. You do realize that pretty much anyone can post a Youtube video, right? Do you have any evidence that the person in the video was truly a Holocaust survivor and it isn't you that's buying into the "Holocaust is fake" hoax being spread by anti-semites to discredit Jewish people?

The United States' economic system is heading towards collapse.

The monetary system is based upon units of account which are mostly created via debt instruments. So the interest on debt is always greater than the total supply of money units. Therefore, the debt is mathematically impossible to settle.

Fallacy Of False Cause

This doesn't prove your conclusion. Having debt doesn't mean that the economy is headed towards collapse.