The Holocaust did happen and it's foolish to believe otherwise

Jews in europe 1933: 9,494,368 1948: 9,372,666 Roman Catholics 1933: 220,000,000 1948: 203,944,823 "the world population of Jews increased between 1933 and 1948 from 15,315,000 to 15,753,000."

Appeal To Authority

Kind of hard to take the claims of a site that's reporting on Obama's "past of Sodomy" seriously. They are basing their claim on a single almanac entry, as well, which was likely a typo or an estimate.

Socialized Prostitution would greatly improve many aspects of America.

if people exist who do evil unless x, it doesnt follow that we should allow x. Especialy when discussing whether x is evil or not

Slothful Induction

Morality has nothing to do with governance.

The mere idea of a caliphate, or religious state, is inherently fascist. Especially, when considering the fact that a majority of Muslims both favor Sharia law and the establishment of a single, vast Islamic state.

You might just be racist

Prejudicial Language

Racial oppression is dependent on hierarchical organization of society dominated by a single group or ideology. Calling someone racist for opposing the idea of a religious is state is thus not only wrong and inflammatory, but also in and of itself ironically, an act of racism.

a) Jesus Christ was a real person; b) Jesus Christ rose from the dead.

Eye-witness accounts are still considered strong evidence even today

Irrelevant Conclusion

There are no first hand accounts of Jesus. Not a single New Testament book was written within 20 years of Jesus' alleged death.

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster should be seen and respected as a legitimate Religion (not just U.S, internationally)

It was purposefully created to mock religion.

Irrelevant Conclusion

If you believe that religion is a joke, then mocking it seems like an appropriate reaction.

True communism is better than capitalism, and should be pursued.

True Communism by human nature is unachievable. Man will always seek more, greed is an instinct.

Slothful Induction

Rape also can be instinctual. Instinct is an irrational justification for evil.

Creationism is not compatible with current scientific theories and discoveries.

I can deduce that there's something beyond the material universe by the fact the material universe came into existence for how else could it come to be?

Begging The Question

There must be A, because we know that B exists, so there must be A.