The gaming industry is free to oversexualize a character.

It's trivially true that game developers are free to do whatever they choose in many countries, but whether or not they *can* represent all women as large-breasted bimbos is an entirely separate question from whether or not they *should* do so.

Irrelevant Conclusion

The point was they are free to do so not whether they should do so

Nuclear power is actually very safe and environmentally friendly. We should use it more and keep improving our reactors.

More nuclear reactors mean more available nuclear waste. More available nuclear waste means more opportunities to create a dirty bomb.

Fallacy Of Slippery Slope

basis is on that one person doing one thing causes another to do something x does y so z (probably) happens. which leads to q then w then e.

All religion should be abolished

Said 12 people from 2000 years ago when everyone believed in witchcraft and monsters, and worshiped stones and thunder. Cause think of it, everything you know about Jesus is from those 12, they're the only people who saw everything.

Poisoning The Well

The bible was written by more than 12 people.