Blue is better than Red

Blue is the the majority of peoples favorite color.

Appeal To Authority

ad populum

WTC Building 7 was brought down by controlled demolition

nah bros

Irrelevant Conclusion

This isn't even... ugh.

Entertainment piracy is the best thing that ever happened to American Culture

It is "stealing" in that it is the consumption of goods without paying for them.

Irrelevant Conclusion

Whether it is stealing is irrelevant to its importance in American culture

The copyright length should be reduced from 70 years after the creators death to 20 years after the creation is publicly available

An idea cannot be stolen. The moment an idea is expressed, it becomes a "free", inexhaustible good. By copying my poem, for example, you are not preventing or hindering me from reciting it, so it is not stealing.

Irrelevant Conclusion

Whether or not an idea can be "stolen" is irrelevant to that it would reduce the incentive to create new ideas

Scientology is a bad religion

you are also religious in some form just not accepting it

Poisoning The Well

Some sort of bizarre ad hominem

Bernie Sanders should be the Democratic nominee for the 2016 election

He is open with being a socialist. That should be as bad as openly declare yourself as a fascist or a nazist.

Poisoning The Well


Political Correctness has gone too far and threatens society

jesus christ, black supremacists really already infiltrated this site?

Poisoning The Well

Nearly ad hominem

The Earth has been visited by advanced extraterrestrial aliens.

History channel told me so.

Appeal To Authority

Fallacious because the wikipedia told me so

Feminism is not needed

It is.

Irrelevant Conclusion

This premise is fallacious because it is.

women are root of all evil

god created women, therefore, god is the root of all evil.

Appeal To Belief

Assumes god

iOS is better than Android

Using iOS is actually a sin. Sorry.

Appeal To Authority

Also joke

Tabs are better than spaces for indentation (programming)

You can fell of the stairs because of spaces, proof: watch?v=SsoOG6ZeyUI

Irrelevant Conclusion


In the United States, any citizen should be allowed to own a gun.

But only cops should be allowed to own bullets

Irrelevant Conclusion

Where does this even come from? I would assume this is a joke but I don't want to be rude if this is a serious response.