Humans are still evolving

You pre suppose that we have evolved from something. This is inherently false. Erybody knows that God created Adam and Eve because Sims 4 was out of stock.

Appeal To Authority

"Everybody knows" is not acceptable.

Believing aliens is just as illogical as believing god.

I sometimes like to think of how giant the observable universe is. we have no idea how much bigger it can be. The more matter there is in the universe, the closer it becomes for small possibilities such as another intelligent life to become a reality.

Fallacy Of Irrelevant Purpose

The size of the universe might or might not be relevant. Things we are absolutely impossible, will be impossible regardless of the size of the universe.

Taxation is not theft.

Taxes go towards stuff that benefits the taxee.

Fallacy Of Irrelevant Purpose

What taxes are used for is irrelevant to assess whether or not they are "theft", which should hinge solely on the definition of theft.