Rich countries must stop foreign aids to poor countries.

Some people have more than they need and could give to those in need.

Irrelevant Conclusion

We are talking about the risk/possibility of resources consumed excessively by making them as common goods when shared to poor countries, not whether by default resources are abundant in one place and lacking in the other places.

All people should live meaningful life.

At least you know what to do while spending time in this lame life. At least it's not going to be boring.

Pragmatic Fallacy

Might be a fallacy since the standard used to judge the concept "works" is a belief that it is going to make X (life) not Y (boring--which seems vague here).

All people should live meaningful life.

An effort to examine the construct is our action to find "the meaning".

Fallacy Of Irrelevant Purpose

Missing the point. It does not address the question.