Penguins are the best kind of bird.


Irrelevant Conclusion

Literally is not an argument

Market Capitalism is not the best system for economic organisation

Gus disagrees

Wrong Direction

Gus has an opinion and opinions are not true all the time. Furthermore nobody knows who Gus is.

You can't measure how good a programming language is.

Java sucks

Wrong Direction

Clearly opinionated claim

Arguman needs better tools for handling fallacy reporting

It is possible to give a poor argument that the premise is a fallacy or falsely report fallacies with flippant comments in an attempt to delegitimize an argument. There is no community moderation on these reports thus illegitimate reports stay permanently on arguments.

Prejudicial Language

Fallacy reports like this one stay around.

ISIS wants Christians and Muslims to fight a war

This is the philosophy section, not religion. GTFO.

Irrelevant Conclusion

This thread is actually in politics...