The rich will always get richer, and the poor poorer.

It is extremely difficult to break off from the cycle that our society created, and as long as a huge percent of our resources are controlled by the rich, there will be limited opportunities for the less rich to climb up the chain. And so it will continue, with only a handful breaking free.

Fallacy Of Previous This

The status quo is not permanent simply because it has been dominant since the beginning of civilization's short existence.

Taxation is not theft.

A thief steals for his/her own gain and does not give back to the victim; a government gives back to those taxed in the form of a police force and other humanitarian necessities, schools, and roads. A government cannot give necessary services without some form of income.

Fallacy Of Special Pleading

If someone not apart of the government breaks into a building, even if they believe doing so is for the greater good, they are still a burglar. If someone were to hold a child in a building against their will and demand their parents pay them, it would be kidnapping with ransom.